Gypsy Yoga Mama Yoga Teacher Training

Hello Goddess & Warrior, 


Many thanks to you and your interest in tapping into your magical essence! The Gypsy Yoga Mama brand is about introducing women to the idea that they can embody all parts of themselves. The sensual, the gypsy, the lover, the healer, the mother, the yoga practitioner, the daydreamer, the magic maker, the goddess. We want to lead women into the deepest parts of themselves and allow them to be birthed.

The trainings are a total of 100 hours. Each day you will be lead in a Gypsy Yoga Mama (GYM) Goddess style flow by the training Goddess. You will learn all 62 Asanas that make up the GYM brand, and how to link them together to create a inspiring sequence! Each participant will be asked to lead a student teaching portion in addition to breakdown the anatomy of asanas, their importance in the sequence, and where the energy should flow. You will also focus on the importance of the playlist, chants, and the GYM Goddess Mantra. Each participant will be named a fellow Goddess, and she will be referred to that while in training. 


If you want more from your practice, life, body, and ultimately your spirit, this is the training for you! You cannot be afraid of jump off the cliff to meet the new you, for she is waiting at the bottom!


12 Day Immersion:

June 19th – 30th, 2020       



Fall Weekends - 4 weekends:

October 2-4th

16th -18th

November 6th – 8th

20th – 22nd  


(Payment Plan Options)


G.Y.M. is a movement more than a stationary practice. It's the freedom to escape the normal. Gypsy Yoga Mama doesn't fit in any boxes or categories. This movement inspired practice is for the wanderlust lovers, the moon chasers, the healers, the goddess, the intuitive, the expressive, and the barefoot explorers who always stand in their own truth. Simply put it's a practice for the people who feel placeless. Gypsy Yoga Mama flows won't just focus on asanas, but include dance, free movement, and mantras. G.Y.M. will encourage students to really explore, and being present with what's happening off the mat by asking our students to become aware of the world around them, not just the spaces that you affect. Gypsy Yoga Mama will live in your soul waking up every corner of conscience, vibrating through your body leaking out as rhythm, dance and yoga. If you love to move, dance, flow, feel, flex, and vibrant on a higher level Gypsy Yoga Mama is where you need to be. 

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