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The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

What does it really mean to be well?! To prosper? To thrive!? Each person has a wellness goal that shapes how we act and interact on a daily basis. The elements of wellness differ between people, however, true wellness isn't a solo endeavor. We thrive in community and are able to collectively consider the health of our society as well as our planet.

Wellspring was created by wanderlust in order for each of us to begin to consider our personal, social, and global wellness as facets of the same collective well-being. So that the rigor and integrity we apply to our personal practice and individual choices is likewise exercised in our relationships and workplaces, and considered in context of the earth as a whole. Wanderlust is reshaping the way society as a whole views wellness by immersing our bodies and our minds on a 3-4 day wellness-a-thon.

This year was the inauguration of a thought provoking way to embrace wellness. With leaders of change and stimulating conversations, this wellspring event was one to be attended. The line up of presenters was of grand proportion. Drawing crowds from both coasts to share in the conversation. The schedule was jam packed, and not with the usual non-stop yoga sessions, this time choosing which podcast you wanted to be part of, book signing you wanted to attend, sound bath, hiit, spin, cardio class to sweat to, or mind expanding conversation to bear witness to was exhilarating! And not to mention, I was overwhelmingly enthused with the amount of brown people I saw taking part of the conversation!!! (We are out here yall!)

To highlight a few of the brown folks involved (presenting) at this years conference is as follows (ordered from first name as appeared on presenters list. Sorry if I've left anyone out )

Anasa Troutman @anasatroutman,anasatroutman.com

Angel Kyodo Williams @zenchangeangel,angelkyodowilliams.com

Bea Feliu Espada @iambeaespada, @thehoneypotco

Deun Ivory @deunivory, deunivory.me

DJ Seriousblack @djseriousblack

Dr. Chelsea Jackson-Roberts @chelsealovesyoga,chelsealovesyoga.com

Ebony Smith @yogandahood, yogandahood.com

Jacy Cunningham @jacycunningham, thejacymethod.com

JJ Dancer @iamjjdancer, jjdancer.com

Keith Mitchell @keithmitchell59

Ken E Nwadike Jr @freehugsproject.tv, kennwadikejr.com

Lauren Ash @hellolaurenash, @blackgirlinom

Light Watkins @lightwatkins, lightwatkins.com

Lita Lewis @followthelita, litalewis.com

Mmichelle C Johnson, michellecjohnson.com

Millana Snow @millanasnow

Nicole Cardoza @nicoleacardoza

Tara-Nicholle Nelson @transformationaltara,soultour.com

The people were magnetic, the energy was infectious, the content was necessary, and the diversity unapologetically showed up! Thank you wanderlust for creating this platform for wellness and diversity, to change the direction of the conversation and to shake up what is so (un)popular. I laughed, cried, sweat, danced, listened, learned till my hearts content. I can't wait until next year to expand some more with this amazing community.

Again, this is a shift in the wellness conversation that deserves being recognized!!! Let's make enough noise so this list keeps growing for years to come! Follow, look them up, get curious, discover your well, learn, grow, thrive! Redefine what wellness means to you and your community.

In wellness, yours truly ♡


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