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Some people don't understand that Yoga has a variety of different styles, and not only different styles but also different instructors. The beauty of the actual practice is learning what works for you as an individual. What's funny to me is that people research buying a car, but they don't research a class that works all elements of their lives: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. In my journey as an instructor I've taken tons of different styles, and some I totally disliked others I just knew it was made for me.

I live Yoga.

I don't just do it when I feel tight. I don't try it because I've seen a commercial. I've committed to it. Like being a vegan. It's a lifestyle. It's breathing when you feel stress coming to visit. It's an actual asana practice every day. It's meditating to connect with the real person that lives within you. It's doing it when you have bruises, when you are tired, when your overwhelmed. With that said, I do not expect everyone to be me. But I do expect people to be aware... awake!

Do some research. Find out what is Yoga? What are the benefits? What are the styles? What style would fit my personality? Then after doing that research, make a list of some different styles you'd like to try. Try them all. Try them with a few different instructors. And most of all come with a open mind and a open heart. Every class, isn't for everyone, and that's okay. I hate Ice cream, and when people hear me say that they think I'm crazy, but that's what makes the world go round. We all are different. So because we are all unique snow flakes, it may take time to find that person that just makes your soul sing... keeping looking. You'll find what you seek, if you look without your eyes.

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