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Why not just try?

I get told all the time, I just can't do yoga. When people find out what I do for a living they react two ways: completely turned off or super interested. For the life of me I do not know why people are afraid of yoga. I haven't known anyone that really got into yoga dislike it. It truly changes your life. And I'm not just talking your body, I'm taking about your soul, your attitude, your smile. Sure it can be scary to go into a room with people who seem to be made out of rubber, but the truth is they all have issues. We all hate something on our bodies. We all fear something. We all are working towards some goal. We all may look different but we are all people.

One of my favorite quotes are: "We are spiritual beings living a human experience."

Yoga allows us to get in touch with that spiritual side, without the rules or limitations of society. Why not try it? It may just be what you're missing. Fuck that your not the slimmest, the most flexible, the most memorable, just do it for you! When you walk into that class check your ego at the door and let your spirit play, balance, sweat, and renew.

Why not just try?

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