I recently took the Amazon class with Bri and while I've been taking classes with her for a while, I'd never taken this one. All of her yoga classes are a fun mix of yoga + dance + the BEST playlists you'll ever hold a down dog to! Amazon was a little different from the others I've taken because it seemed to add in a bit more strength training that kicked the intensity up a notch. (The playlist was amazing for this class too!) Bri was super encouraging, reminding us to push ourselves while listening to our bodies and coaching us through some challenge poses. I left the class feeling a sense of accomplishment and I can't wait to take it again!

Brandye J.

Briana made me feel so welcomed on my first yoga experience. My schedule is packed so I was unable to attend a beginners class first but I jumped into a flow class and Briana was able to assist me seemingly effortlessly as she instructed the class without skipping a beat. I can’t wait to bring my wife back and make this a routine!

Brandon F.

Gypsy Yoga Mama